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Saturn has an aurora


The observations showed that Saturn's aurora differ in character from day to day, as they do on Earth, moving around on some days and stationary on others. But compared to Earth's auroral displays, which last only about 10 minutes, Saturn's aurora can last for days.


But, as the team observed, although Saturn's aurora do share characteristics with the other planets, they are fundamentally unlike the auroral displays on either Earth or Jupiter. When Saturn's aurora become brighter (and thus more powerful), the ring of energy encircling the pole shrinks in diameter. By contrast, when Earth's aurora become brighter, the polar region fills with light for several minutes, then dims, and the ring of light expands. Jupiter's aurora, in comparison, are only weakly influenced by the solar wind, becoming brighter about once a month.

Seems to be a summary of the eurekalert article, but has time-lapse pictures:

The sound of the auroras:

Apparently, most people who hear those sounds think of them as eerie and want to use them for haunted houses at Halloween. I thought they sounded large and wonderful.

Is there any sf or astronomical art of gas giant auroras as seen from below?

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