nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

New Button Slogans

If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man but deteriorate the cat. --Mark Twain

OK, use facts. You can prove anything that's even remotely true if you use facts.

[on yin-yang] Bug/feature

[on yin-yang] The Devil is in the details/God hides in the details

The First Rule of Fight Club is you don't sing about Fight Club
I think this stands on its own, but there's supposed to be a Bollywood musical version of Fight Club.

Which side of the Chunnel do the trains run on? The inside

Why do crows tease cats? Just caws.

Generally about the War in Iraq, but it could be one of those Rorschach slogans

To a computer user, "No" means "Maybe it'll work if I try it again".

You see the look on my face and yet you keep talking to me

Bad deity, bad! No apocalypse!

This means idiot. I don't know why anime fans like it.

Being brutally assaulted by real life. Please call back later.

Do not awaken the ancient evil, YOU MORON!

JUST VISITING THIS UNIVERSE....therefore, in no way responsible

MENCHI, the other white meat
A reference to anime about a floppy white dog which keeps getting barbecued.

Stupid hamster!
A reference to Making Fiends

There's gotta be an easier way of going broke

What do you get if you cross a tse-tse fly with a mountain climber? Undefined. A tse-tse fly is a vector and a mountain climber is a scalar.
Probably my geekiest slogan

A purr is a snore made beautiful
From a scientist researching how purring works

Come on, brain! You & me together....
Something I've been saying for years--it finally occurred to me to put it on buttons. punctuation by dcseain

I'll meet you in the lake of fire with my asbestos duckie
Sold insanely well at Balticon--perhaps I need more weirdness

Losing faith in humanity, one person at a time

Another thing I say, but I'm not expecting it to do as well as "come on, brain"

Power is what you take. Respect is what you earn.

You don't have to be right. But it helps.
By osewalrus

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