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House less sinful than President

On July 1st, I posted about the all-around rottenness of Bush proposing to further restrict Cuban-American's permission to give things to their relatives in Cuba.

House Votes to Overturn Bush Rules on Cuba

The 221-194 vote was won by a coalition in which Democrats were joined by nearly four dozen farm-state and free-trade Republicans to rebuff the president. The vote came just four months from an Election Day in which Bush would like to once again win Florida, the pivotal state in his 2000 victory, by gaining the support of that state's Cuban-Americans.

I'm not sure this is an addition to my list of people who would normally be on Bush's side who he's been comprehensively pissing off, but the list is so long (free-market/small deficit/personal freedom Republicans, Cuban-Americans, libertarians, older people with some money who might benefit from stem cell research, the military) that I begin to wonder if he's trying to prove that God is on his side by showing that he can slob around and still win. I'm just about ready to bet that his next clever trick will be to put a special tax on Diebold.

Note: I don't think everyone on the list in parenthesis is opposed to Bush, nor that some of them wouldn't have been opposed to him anyway--it's just the Bush is changing the percentages.
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