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Filtered water for the cat

Everyone, thanks very much for the advice about rehoming Ra. At this point, I've just scanned it because the whole subject is pretty stressful for me, but I'll be reading it all soon. The idea of being willing to take him back if he can't be lived with, and then having him put down sounds pretty plausible.

There have been a number of comments about him getting bottled water. Here's the story: A while ago, I noticed that he was being frantic about getting his canned food even though dry food was available all the time).

I eventually realized that his voice was scratchy. He isn't as talkative as a Siamese, but sometimes does meow when he wants to get my attention.

After some experimentation, I found that he wasn't drinking enough tap water, and Brita filtering didn't solve the problem. The CVS house brand (currently $1.19/gallon for a while, was a dollar thirty whatsit for a while before that) means he drinks enough to be comfortable. This is a medical issue in the sense that dehydration is a serious matter for cats, especially older cats. I tested him on water which had been put through a Quixtar filter, and that's ok, too.

In any case, the three cats together go through a gallon or so per week since I don't bother to put down two sorts of water. Also a good bit of the water gets wasted--after it's been sitting for some days, accumulating cat hair, I start getting complaints from Ra the extortionist and change the water.

Philadelphia tap water isn't the worst in the world, but it isn't all that good. It frequently makes the tip of my tongue sting, and I prefer Brita filtered water.

It sounds weird to give a cat bottled water, but I think it's a status issue. We're talking about maybe $1.50/week for a big improvement in the cat's quality of life. This is cheaper than supplying some of the fancier cat foods. There are cat trees (constructions with carpeted platforms for cats) that cost over $200 (three years worth of bottled water), but I don't think getting one would sound as odd--a nice cat tree is extravagant, but it's not giving a cat something normally reserved for people.
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