nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

I'm cold, you should put on a sweater

Yesterday, I felt very emotionally flattened--it was like depression, but a slightly different flavor than I've experienced. Or could it have been that the energy work I got this past Sunday (which felt just fine at the time) was a little off?

dcseain did a very nice job of patching me up over the phone.

And then last night, I realized I needed to drink more water--one
16-ounce glass after another. And I feel a lot better.

I think part of the problem is yesterday was what passes in Philadelphia for a dry heat (40% humidity). I was drinking some water, but it wasn't enough--and thirst wasn't a clear signal.

So I'm nagging everyone else to drink more than usual, probably a lot more.

And a general question: I just read an account by a woman of nearly getting institutionalized when she was a teenager--her emotions were out of control. She'd break into tears if someone said hello to her in the wrong tone, and iirc she was mildly suicidal.

She was in therapy for a while, and finally her mother told the therapist that she (the teenager) was living on popcorn and coffee and hardly sleeping. The teenager agreed to a three-week trial of normal food and sleep, and her mother promised that no matter what, there wouldn't be any demands for the regime to continue.

The girl's emotions steadied, and her mother stuck to the promise even though she (the teenager) went back to her old habits for a while.

Now, this wasn't just a food and sleep issue--there were strong emotional reasons for those self-destructive habits, but I'm left wondering--how often do therapists ask about food and sleep and similar mundane details?

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