nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Why some people stop being authoritarians

An essay by Sarah Robinson, a guest blogger at Orcinus.

This is major stuff. Not everyone who gets involved in authoritarian groups stays there forever. Many of the reasons they leave involve lowering their fear level, though being betrayed by the hierarchy is also a biggie.

Being mocked by outsiders is *not* listed as a reason people leave authoritarian groups. This is a hint.

Conservatives are your fellow human beings. Republicans are your fellow human beings. Bush supporters are your fellow human beings. I'm a libertarian. How come I need to nag the idealistic liberals and progressives about this? [1]

I'm not saying it's easy to accept that the Other Side is not simply and eternally the bad guys--it can be quite a strain, but it might be worth the trouble.

Keep an eye on Orcinus--there's going to be at least one sequel.

[1] This snark has been tested on womzilla who thought it was funny. Posting it is an experiment to see whether I need to be calmly reasonable all the time.
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