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Scott McCloud in Philly on November 30

"McLuhan of Comics" Scott McCloud To Deliver His Message at Drexel

Location: Edmond D. Bossone Research Enterprise Center Auditorium
South side of Market Street between 31st and 32nd streets
Time: 5:30 PM Booksigning followed by 7:00 PM Lecture
Description: Artist and Author Scott McCloud will be signing and lecturing about his new book - "Making Comics" as part of the Sibby Merkel Brasler Lecture Series
Cost: Free
Audience: Open to the Public
Sponsor: The Digital Media Program of the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design

For more information: Contact Karen Conaghan, Office of Dean Allen Sabinson
Phone: 215-895-2386

Scott McCloud has also written _Understanding Comics_, which I recommend to anyone who's interested in understanding things, regardless of whether they're fascinated by comics. It gets into how time is handled in comics (and why a lot of what's important is between the panels), why simplified images can be so emotionally effective, that there are different percentages of sorts of scenes between American and Japanese comics, and probably any quantity of cool stuff that I'm not remembering at the moment.

Good news: November 30th isn't opposite Philcon or Thanksgiving/Darkover.

Scott McCloud's tour.
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