nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,


Republicans for Kerry

Ayn Rand's heir for Kerry

Anarchists for Kerry

I'm not sure of just what constitutes a landslide--55%? 60%?--but I've never seen a President attract so much opposition from people who would normally either vote for him or not vote at all.

I'll throw in two caveats--I'll assuming at least a vaguely honest vote count, and no major terrorist attacks soon before the election. At this point, I'm not all that sure terrorist attacks would even make that much difference, assuming that the election is held. The "only Bush can keep us safe" contingent would be balanced by "he didn't keep us safe that time" folks and the smaller "he's implicated in the terrorist attack" bunch.

A small favor: the Peikoff material is only available as a speech, and the sound on my computer isn't working. Has anyone heard it, and if so could you let me know what his line of thought was?
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