nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Pepper/anchovy thing

Jon Singer recommended stirfrying some green frying peppers (what are they called?--they're longer and a lighter brighter green than standard green peppers) with anchovies and eating the result with spaghetti.

Well, I couldn't stand the simplicity and I wanted more protein, so I added some chicken filets and an heirloom tomato and asiago cheese. (It was one pound of peppers and 4 ounces of anchovies.)

The result is quite nice. I was worried that it would be too fishy and salty, but the whole wheat spaghetti toned it down.

And it's good to be introduced to those peppers--they've got a much milder taste than standard green or red peppers, but the same texture. If you want something crunchy but mild flavored without going quite as far as water chestnuts, those peppers will do it.
Tags: cooking

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