nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Egalitarianism, threat or menace?

I'd also run a slight digression and point out that no legal code anywhere in the world has enshrined such arcane rights as the right not to be made uncomfortable, or the right not to be offended. from megpie71 in this thread.

The right not to be made uncomfortable isn't in legal codes, but it's *exactly* what high status people sometimes get to try to enforce. It's rule by whim, not law.

It looks like a lot of people think equality means that anyone (in particular, their own no-special-status selves) is entitled to be a dictator.

Mere speculation, but for almost all of human evolution, higher status people were more likely to have descendants. Have we been getting selected for the belief that all of us are entitled to be in charge?

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