nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

From a universe nearby

“Oh, I can’t shop at those stores. I’m too bad at sports.”

“You have such a pretty face, if only you could be better at sports.”

“Have you considered having surgery to help you be better at sports?”

“I really like him, but I can’t be seen with someone who is bad at sports!”

“Going to the gym scares me - I’m the only bad-at-sports person there and they make fun of me.”

“You are a fabulous musician but we can’t sign you until you get better at sports.”

“You must be lying about how much you practice. If it were true, you wouldn’t be bad at sports!”

“I used to be bad at sports but now I’m not - you are a weak and horrible person for not being better at sports.”

“She is SO too bad at sports to be wearing that.”

“Those damn bad-at-sports people are an insult to my eyes.”

“Why do people who are bad at sports even leave the house?”

“I’m too bad at sports to ever feel good about going to a restaurant by myself!”

“People who aren’t good at sports are driving up my insurance premiums.”

“You’re not good at sports so I get to say what you put into your body.”

“Until you’re better at sports nobody will love you.”

“You’re too bad at sports to be a waitress, flight attendant, or businessperson here.”

“You’re bad at sports so you must be lazy and sloppy and rude.”

“The bright colored clothes are only for people who are good at sports; you can buy navy or black and please try to blend into the background.”

“Fucking bad-at-sports bitch.”

“I’m too bad at sports to get a date.”

“I’m embarrassed to meet your friends - I’m bad at sports!”

“You’re too bad at sports to be worthwhile or attractive. Love, mom.”

“I can’t believe people don’t spend their welfare money on soccer lessons, their kids will wind up not good at sports so we should legislate what they can do.”

“Your kid isn’t good at sports so we are putting him in foster care.”

“Being bad at sports is a health risk.”

“Your health problems come from being bad at sports so I won’t examine you.”

“I’m not saying you should be great at sports, I’m just concerned about your health, so I think you should try to be better at sports.”

“If you really loved your kids they would be good at sports.”

“You can’t get insurance no matter how healthy you are because you’re bad at sports.”

“I would NEVER date someone who isn’t good at sports.”

“You mean people who aren’t good at sports have SEX? That’s disgusting!”

“I don’t want to watch a show about someone who isn’t good at sports — that is wrong. ”

“Did you see that new show where they take the people who aren’t good at sports and give them tennis lessons?”

“You’re a great actress, but you’re too bad at sports to get work. Get 30% better and we’ll talk.”

“SWM seeks SWF, no bad-at-sportsies.”

“She’s so bad at sports — there must be problems at home.”

“Don’t get married, because as soon as you do, your wife will start getting bad at sports!”

“I’m so bad at sports, I just want to die.”

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