nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

A promising cooking and travel blog, not to mention beet fritters

I just bought some beets at the farmers market. I've never cooked with beets before, but they sounded awfully good in Plenty (a book about a couple who made an impulsive decision to only eat food that was grown within 100 miles of their Pacific Northwest home for a year). The guy I bought them from said something about beet-potato fritters. It's warm enough that I don't want to boil them.

So I want to google to see if there was anything about beet fritters. What spice(s) should I use?

So far, no joy on the beet fritters, but I found Field to Feast which looks as though it's a chatty vegetarian blog with interesting recipes and a current focus on Zimbabwe.

Beet Fritters a la Dickens--looks like I may have to boil them. At least the weather is cooling off. Beet fritters with thunder..... Mmmm, ozone....

Here we go--Yankee Beet Fritters--you just shred them, add reasonable ingredients, and pan fry them.

I love Google.

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