nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

HP Spoilers and Crankiness

I want to experience HP7 in the emotional order that it's written in. It seems to me that this is a legitimate aesthetic desire. I think people who read the ends of books first are odd, but one of my underlying premises is that people are probably weirder than you think.

I'm planning to take moderate precautions--no radio or internet from midnight Friday till the book arrives, then off to a buffet to read it. It might have been a better choice to get the book at a bookstore, but there's no point now in trying to perfect one's HP new book strategy.

I wouldn't have bothered to post about this, except that I've seen enough bad temper about people who want to avoid spoilers that I'm speaking up. I've had a longterm habit of keeping my head down about my inconvenient emotional reactions, and I suppose I'm getting tired of it.

You don't have to like my emotions. I don't have to pretend that yours aren't getting on my nerves.

Complaining about other people's complaining is not a sign of moral superiority. It's just more complaining.

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