nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

The day became a little more surreal, by popular request

The other day, I went to retrieve my bike from where I'd locked it outside the Broad and Tasker subway station, and found it was crippled--the back wheel was off, and there was a back wheel lying next to it on the ground.

A very generous passerby helped me get it home, and the next day, my housemate gave me, the bike, and the wheel a ride to Via Bicycle, where it was established that the wheel was from a different bicycle. A different-sized bicycle. Mine has 24" wheels. This was a 27" wheel.

It wasn't that some irresponsible person had a flat, either.

Somewhere in Philadelphia, a partial bicycle thief is riding on a slant. On a French bike.

Everyone I've told this story to thinks it was worth livejournaling, so here it is. I didn't think it was all that interesting, so anyone who's entertained owes thanks to several of my friends.

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