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The Joys of Craft

The Ten Most Amazing Temples in the World

These are unimaginably cool, and animators should take note to use them for reference.

I can't help wondering if the folks who are slathering a Buddhist temple with gold and revering strands of Buddha's hair might be unclear on the concept.

Link thanks to shadesong

Ten churches, ranging from just plain amazing to amazingly odd

How to Write a Novel
Find something you would like to create with. This can be with plasticine, papier mache, words, pipe cleaners and sequins, colored pencils, construction paper, popsicle sticks, or other media.

Sit down and fidget with your materials. Build a little hut out of words and popsicle sticks. Call it "Abraham Lincoln's Log Cabin, No Trademark Infringement Intended."

Put it on your desk and be proud. Feel refreshed. Show it to your friends.

Six months later, notice it collecting dust. Think, huh, that could be better.

Take it apart. Put it together. Fix the roofline. Use some plasticine for stickum this time. Give it a styrofoam chimney.

Put it back on your desk.

Six months later, add some pipe clearer smoke to the chimney, with the cool wooly pipe cleaners. Call it "Abraham Lincoln's Log Cabin V. 2.0, No Trademark Infringement Intended."

Listen to "Martha, My Dear", the last section, an account of what it's like to love making fiddly things and give them away because, as with Aule, the point is to make rather than to possess.

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