nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Looking for more pirate, ninja, and faerie slogans

I wouldn't mind a slogan which is about pirates, ninjas, and faeries, but I'd be glad enough for any one or two of the three.

So far, on the faerie front, I've got "Powered by pixie dust" and "Flap if you believe in faeries" (thanks, wolfdancer). I'm planning on adding a bunch of Labyrinth quotes, and anything I can find about the wonderfulness of imagination. Any other suggestions?

I'm bringing "Deadly ninja throwing button" and "Harmless ninja throwing button" out of back stock, and possibly "Middle-aged mutant ninja mother". I've got NINJA on black, with the letters just half-outlined in white.

For the pirates, I've got "Why are pirate jokes funny? They just ARRRRR" and "We prefer to be called Buccaneer-Americans".

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