nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Let a thousand weirdos bloom

leahbobet sez:

So why the hell do people try so hard? I mean, we work and read and live in a maligned genre. We supposedly know all about other people's Good Taste not being us. Why's there no room for relative taste in our own house?

People try so hard because being an outsider can be dangerous--of course, all those people trying to be safe insiders is what makes being an outsider dangerous. It's one of those prisoner's dilemna thingies. We live in a relatively safe society, and can afford to calm down a little.

From a more positive angle, the more something is liked, the more support it gets, and the more of it there's likely to be.

As for Good Taste in the larger society, I'm rather amazed at the idea that Great art appeals to universal human values--and therefore people have to be trained to appreciate it.

Link thanks to matociquala.

I'm listening to Alash, and I can't figure out why they aren't wildly popular. Same goes for .

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