nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Uploading or mailing scans

Here's another elementary question--now that I have a functioning scanner (Dell 924), I find that scans of buttons are above the 20K or 25K limits for attachments. How do I upload them or otherwise get them out into the world?

Update:: I'm sorry, folks--I took another look at those limits, and they were 20 or 25M, while the images are in the 25 to 50K range. Apparently, the reason my first effort to send an email failed wasn't because the file was too big, it was because I tried to type the name of the file in rather than browsing to get the whole path.

And I probably hallucinated the file sizes or limits because I was expecting things to not work.

In any case, I've both emailed the image and uploaded it at flickr.

Thanks very much for your answers.

The next question is that what I sent was the image of a button paper which has a moderately light-colored pastel background, and it came through so pale that the colors could hardly be seen. Is there anything to be done about that?

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