nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

This week at Studio 360

Studio 360 is an NPR show about odd and interesting things related to art. Last week, I got a book* about physics and ballet which was mentioned there.

The week, one of the segments was a rare laugh-out-loud moment for NPR--Jack Handy (the Deep Thoughts guy) explains why and how to have a scary skeleton.

I usually don't think NPR is all that funny (though I did like the Prairie Home Companion bit about herding turtles), and I don't think Jack Handy is funny at all, but this week, a miracle happened. To be fair, my only previous exposure to Handy was his Deep Thoughts--maybe I just like him better when he has a little more room to spread out.

The show also had a mildly interesting bit about Annie Lennox, a New York theater group that did a non-satirical production of a fundamentalist Hell House kit (funny thing, those Hell Houses get a 30% conversion rate on their home turf, and 0% when done by non-believers), the Tom Savini school for Horror Special effects in Pennsylvania, astronauts playing music in space, and an account of fulfilling a childhood dream of being a naturalist in exotic places.

*the only $20 copy.

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