nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

A police officer who's been arrested.....

A former top narcotics officer, credited with over 800 arrests in eight years, is now selling a DVD that shows marijuana users how to avoid arrest when traveling with a stash. Law enforcement officials are outraged.

Cooper, an extremely energetic narcotics cop and profiler, was welcome in west Texas where he wrecked lives and homes of college students and black people and Viet Nam vets and such for drug possession. When he moved to east Texas, he was careless enough to arrest the mayor's son and a councilman.

And was arrested on a bunch of trumped-up charges, eventually dismissed. As an energetic person in a relatively free society, he's getting his revenge by selling information on how not to get arrested for drugs.

He's going to put out a DVD on how not to get raided, though I'm not sure how that's going to work, considering the number of wrong-address raids. He may also be a little too trusting about never getting arrested, too--he seems to be focussing on concealling drugs, and leaving out the possibility of officers just plain lying about finding them.

Still, rather a cheering story, and something of an example of that rare event of someone changing their mind.

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