nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Macabre at greater length

After I posted Dances Macabre, I realized that the Jeune Homme et La Morte was severely abridged, so here's the complete version.

I would have just edited my first post, but LJ was being difficult--it only adds embedded media at the bottom of the post. Cut and paste makes the embedding not work. I really wanted the Jeune Homme first and the eerie witch dance second, and no matter how many times I deleted and re-embedded in the original post, it just refused to do that--sometimes I'd get two copies of the same video, even though I'd swear I'd cut and pasted the right ones.

If you try to contact me after I'm dead and what you get is a detailed complaint about how the medium/ouji interface doesn't quite work, it's me.

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