nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

The Golden Compass

I highly recommend it. Even though the anti-religious material has been removed, there's plenty of anti-authoritarianism, which I think is more important. It's a lot harder to pull people into bad religion if they're innoculated with anti-authoritarianism, and the movie has a pleasing "don't trust government or dubious people who say they're helping you avoid painful things like thinking" aspect.

It's gorgeous. I would say it has a dreamlike beauty, except that my dreams don't look that good.

And it may be the fastest movie I've ever seen. It runs 113 minutes. Usually during movies, even movies I like, there are times when I space out or wonder how much longer it's going to be. In this case, they were setting up the sequel and I was expecting more adventures and then the movie ended.

Nitpicks and spoilery stuff will appear as my first comment because lj-cuts don't appear in previews, so I don't entirely like doing cuts for things I want to conceal.

Trailers: I want to see The Spiderwick Chronicles, The Great Debaters (about a top notch black debate team during the civil rights era), Inkheart</a>, and possibly Horton Hears a Who</a>. The proportion of promising trailers was unusually high, and most of them seemed to be from New Line Studios.

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