nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

On teaching INTJs

By siderea

A couple of funny bits--if you want the actual point, follow the link:

And I have a deal with the Devil that every time someone says, "Uh, hmm, gee, that's a good question", I get to live two years longer. (If you want to be on my invite list for my Y10k party, just ask; I'm tentatively planning on booking a hall near Tranquility Base if I'm in-system.)

Still others [teachers] don't have those issues, but feel that if they tell us too much about what the assignment actually is, we "won't think outside the box".

Speaking for myself -- and perhaps for you guys too, I dunno -- I'm pretty sure you, the instructor, need to be far, far more concerned with bringing my attention to where the box is than worrying whether I will be thinking outside it. I'm a pretty amazingly divergent thinker. I have a lot of trouble keeping track of just where I left the box. In fact, if you want what I do to have any relationship, whatsoever with the box? You had better present me with a treasure map to the box. In writing.
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