nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Last words on Texas death row

rinku posted a link to last words of people executed by the state of Texas.

Unfortunately, each prisoner had their own link, so I only went through a little less than half the list.

The majority of final statements admitted guilt, asked for forgiveness, and gave love and support to families. However, I got interested in the exceptions.

Here are my categories: Tries to establish guilt and innocence of other prisoners, humorous (not extremely funny, but they were in there trying), accepts guilt but argues against accepting capital punishment, diminished mental capacity, and a very large category that claims innocence.

Tries to establish guilt and innocence for others: (doesn't specify own guilt or innocence) (guilty)


Accepts guilt, argues against capital punishment:

Diminished mental capacity:

Claims innocence: (blames government) (innocent of murder, but not of the crime, I think) (details of evidence) (self-defense) (guilty of lesser crime, I think) (not sure if he's making sense)

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