nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Kitchen mystery

I was in a what-the-hell cooking mood, and I had some fresh cranberries. So I thought I'd stirfry them with some salmon and kale.

I thought I'd stirfry the cranberries first, so I heated the pan as high as it would go, then put in some olive oil and the cranberries. After a little bit, the cranberries burst into foot-high flames! I turned the heat off, and the flames went away after a little while.

I can't figure out what happened. The pan was clean. The stove is an ordinary kitchen gas stove, and stirfrying in olive oil has never led to flames. The berries weren't fermented. Any theories?

Otherwise, the berries tasted good in themselves, but don't go especially well with salmon--cranberries are too strong. Maybe a orange next time.

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