nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

This is art, nor are we out of it
Telecommunications carriers shut down some covert surveillance lines established by the FBI because the bureau failed to make timely bill payments, a Justice Department review found Thursday.

It seems like rather broad satire in which our civil liberties are defended by deep government incompetence. Kornbluth? Brookmyre? Other nominees?

Addendum: I was looking too far afield and distracting you guys in the process. It's obviously The Onion.

If I'd realized that, the subject would have been 'Is the US Trying to Put The Onion Out of Business?', but I bet I'll have use for that subject in the future. Maybe it should be tag.

Seriously, this is third world stuff, and I didn't the US would fall so far so fast. See also copper stealing.

In other satire, I see the point about lethal injection being excessively cruel, but the premise keeps sounding like something out of Gilbert and Sullivan.

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