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Free early music concert(s) in Philadelphia this weekend

Rescued by the Red Army
rediscovering Johann Gottlieb Janitsch

Shimmering surfaces, beautiful counterpoint and heart-melting melodies won Janitsch’s chamber music the ranking of “the best” in his day. His modern revival just got an exciting boost with newfound manuscripts—carried off by the Red Army during World War II, stashed in Ukraine, and now repatriated to Berlin—which we'll perform in their modern world premieres.

Tempesta di Mare | Chamber Players
Gwyn Roberts, flute & recorder • Geoffrey Burgess, oboe • Marilyn Boenau, bassoon
Emlyn Ngai, violin • Karina Schmitz, violin & viola • Rebecca Humphrey, cello
Adam Pearl, harpsichord

Friday, January 25 at 8 pm
Trinity Episcopal Church
Rte. 320 and College Ave
tickets / season pass
Open Doors — free-admission

Saturday, January 26 at 8 pm
Old St Joseph's Church
321 Willings Alley
tickets / season pass
Open Doors — free-admission

I've been consistently delighted by their music, and I strongly recommend showing up if you have even the slightest interest in early music. I'll be at the Philadelphia show--let me know if you'd like to get together before and/or after.

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