July 31st, 2004

Joke check

I'll probably get bumper stickers printed in red that say "If this is blue, you're driving too fast."

It's occurred to me that I could add another twist to the joke by having them printed in blue, but I'm not sure whether that version of the joke would be either comprehensible or funny. What do you think?

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On polarization

Aren't the people who are complaining about polarization the same ones who usually complain about how Americans don't care enough about politics? How do you expect people to care about politics without getting emotionally involved?

This reminds me of the quote about "find out what the baby is doing and make him stop". I sympathize with the columnists who desperately need to find something to write about and find that Viewing With Alarm is the easiest topic, but not enough to keep me from getting incredibly tired of them.

Why the left doesn't need a Limbaugh

From Easily Distracted

Who brought Joe McCarthy down in the end? Not somebody playing “dirty”, down in the same gutter with McCarthy, but someone who waited for their moment and caught McCarthy in a decency trap, who revealed the man’s fundamental unfairness and viciousness in part by being scrupulously decent themselves. How did Archibald Cox defeat Richard Nixon? By walking the straight and narrow. Being decent and fair and meticulous isn’t intellectual wankery: it’s hardball.