August 28th, 2004

New slogans for worldcon (not keyboard safe, I hope)

I'll be at tables E09, E10.


Don't give the GM any ideas

The email of the species is deadlier than the mail

Go away or I will replace you with a very small shell script

God said to Noah, "On your ark, get set, go!"

I write code so you don't have to

If you're punctual, no one else is there to appreciate it

I'm blogging this

I'm willing to make the mistakes if someone else is willing to learn from them

I've gotta be me--everyone else is already taken

LiveJournal....because too much information is never enough

LiveJournal--because you can't masturbate ALL the time

A million votes here, a million votes there, pretty soon you're talking about real politics

The morning people won because the night people didn't stay up late enough to fight them

No, I will not fix your computer

Real Dungeons and Dragons players don't play D20

Rule 1) Is it plugged in? Rule 2) No, really. Is it plugged in? 3) Seriously, get on the floor and check. Is it really plugged in? Rule 4) Now, what about the switch on the back?

Telepathy--because a bad song shouldn't be stuck in just one head

There's no place like

The trouble with having an open mind is not knowing what might crawl in when you're not looking

What kind of car does God drive? A Plymouth. "For He drove them out of the garden in His Fury."

yip yip yip yip yap yap yip *BANG* NO TERRIER

If my packages arrive in time, I'll also have little buttons and some new bumpersticker slogans.

If you already know what you want, please order your buttons in advance (by early Tuesday) and I'll have them for you at the convention.