September 20th, 2004

Rat Show with friends

This past Saturday, I went to a rat/mouse/ferret show with nellorat and womzilla, with the three of us having dinner with Rebecca Ore the night before. (I had a cheese/sausage/hot pepper thing that might be worth using as a basis for further experimentation.)

It was a major pleasure seeing them--it doesn't happen all that often.

The rat show (also including some guinea pigs and a hedgehog) was fun, though more hours of similar stuff than I quite wanted. It's interesting to see an animal show hobby that's still in the process of development--nellorat said that she didn't know of any rat shows closer to the major city where she lives, and the most expensive rat she'd heard of only cost $35. (Or I could just be wrong about the default state of animal shows--I googled a bit about guppies, and they seem to cost maybe $20 for really nice trios (guppies seem to be usually sold in groups of two females/one male). I couldn't find an easy way to find out what top prize-winners cost. Maybe I've been over-impressed by how much cats, dogs, and koi can cost.)

Isabella looked spectacular in the costume that sarah_ovenall made.