October 7th, 2004

Cthulhu humor

laughingfox's gaming group is interested in Cthulhu humor, so I'm passing on some good stuff I've seen recently.

bradhicks has about the importance of not engaging in sex with shoggoths and a follow-up.

And here's a much quoted account of what can drive a Miskatonic professor over the edge.

I recently read something about the Harry Potter books being Lovecraftian, with a description of a Lovecraft character who has a disquieting resemblance to Snape and a suggestion that the house elves are really Deep Ones. Does anyone have enough (in)sanity left to remember where it was? I'm pretty sure I saw it on LJ.

And if anyone has other Lovecraft humor to recommend, bring it on.

It turns out that Cthuugle is still the very handy Lovecraft et al. search engine--when I mispelled it as cthoogle, I was redirected to a porn site, and googling established that cthoogle is a common word on such sites. Something very odd is going on, and I hope it's not shoggoth sex.