November 5th, 2004

Visited friends for the election

I visited nellorat, womzilla, and supergee for election night. It was a major pleasure seeing them and hanging out (and with the rats, too). At the moment, the only conversation which comes to mind was the bit when Bush won, and I said "I thought more people would be like me" (I usually don't vote, but I did this time, and I thought that more non-voters would come out for Kerry), and nellorat said, "Nancy....". There may have been some noticable number of people like me, but I should have realized there wouldn't be all that many.

Oh, and some very good conversation about how it's generally only practical to try to change one habit at a time.

And I'll probably get a copy of _In the Shadow of No Towers_.

nellorat, if you're still interested in the interface between fiction and the author's actual religious(?) experiences, check out this article about Arthur Machen. Machen's career was much weirder than I'd realized.