March 21st, 2005

A very sick winter

I got through alright, but it seems as though my social circle had many more people sick for more days (sometimes weeks) than is at all typical. Flus, bad colds, bronchitis, nameless cruds.....and with no obvious explanation. Afaik, the problems with the flu vaccine didn't have much to do with it--at least some of the illness wasn't flu, and I haven't heard people saying that if only they been able to get the shot, they'd have been ok.

My default explanation for cruds is temperature swings--it seems as though when the temperature varies from near-freezing to almost balmy in a day, people get sick. I'm not sure whether it's just rough on people for the temperature to vary that much, or if the high odds of not wearing the right gear mean that people get chilled and/or overheated. In any case, there haven't been enough temperature swings around here (at least) to explain the crud level. Any alternate theories?