July 29th, 2005

Lancaster/Lampeter picnic on Sunday

Livengood Farms (a farmer's market seller of wonderful produce and grass-fed Angus beef) is having a picnic on July 31 at 2:30 PM.

Roasted corn will be the primary thing, but there will also be a lot of other dishes--not specified, but I trust them.

I'm getting word out about good free food and I'm also looking for a ride. I live in South Philly, but I can take mass transit to a pick-up point.

If you want some good locally grown food etc. in the city, there are farmers markets at the Reading Terminal Market on Saturday, Fairmount Park on Thursday, and Passyunk and South Street (near 4th and 5th). There were also a few booths near Rittenhouse Square, but I can't remember which day it was. Someone was selling really excellent lemonade, though.

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LJ stars

I read the wikipedia article about lj, and the part about notable users started with notorious/criminal ljers, and then listed ljers with some real-world fame. And that was it. What about people who are notable inside lj?

I'm thinking about those who have lots of readers and possibly large, lively commenting communities as well.

There may be a utility for identifying such, at least numerically, but who are you reading?

The most obvious one I can think of is theferrett, though I admit I only read him now and then--I get swamped by the number of comments.

It's possible that there'd be too much drama if there were such a list on wikipedia, and I certainly wouldn't list someone without their permission, but I'm raising the possibility.