October 16th, 2006

Successful egg thingy

Three eggs, beaten
Three shallots, chopped coarsely (all hail the Chinese grocery store which has cheap shallots)
Three garlic cloves, chopped coarsely
A moderate amount of brown rice (this is eggs with rice rather than eggy rice)
A large yellow heirloom tomato (its volume probably was comparable to the volume of the eggs, in chopped in forkable but not small chunks)
A little Dynamite for the Soul (a hot pepper mix--but really, just a little--this isn't a spicy dish)
Some olive oil
Some fresh dill
Some lavender
A little salt

Heat olive oil fairly hot. Stir things around now and then through the whole sequence.
Fry garlic first, then shallots, then rice. Lower the heat some and put in the tomato and dill.
Add eggs and lower the heat a lot. The eggs take enough time to allow for washing out the rice cooker.
Add lavender just before the eggs are done. I was worried about whether that would be too late, but the lavender was demanding to be added, and it worked quite well--not crunchy or anything and is a very nice flavor. In fact, it ended up being the strongest flavor in the mix.

General principle: scrambled eggs are better with some liquid added. It doesn't seem to matter if it's milk, cream, wine, or released from a watery vegetable. Mushrooms are another notably water-releasing veggie. Red wine in eggs turns them an unpleasant color, but is very tasty.

I know this isn't a formal recipe, but I hope this sort of thing encourages folks to play with their food.