September 10th, 2007

About Vista

I don't get the impression anyone likes it, but there was a real market for anti-Windows buttons. No one has even special ordered an anti-Vista button. Maybe it's just that it takes time to come up with the devastating enraged joke, but maybe just that people have stopped caring. Does this bode ill for Microsoft?

Bill Gates has more money than Warren Buffet. By all accounts, he hires smart people. What's going on that they apparently can't manage to create decent software?

Capacity analysis?

is an interview with Gregory Cochran, who says that he used ordinary news sources to establish that Iraq simply wasn't rich enough to build nuclear weapons, and that no one is doing that sort of analysis for the Bush administration.

It seems to me that I haven't seen much about capacity analysis as a general thing--the only other example I can think of is from Brunner's _The Sheep Look Up_, a dystopian/disaster novel about environmental collapse. Someone figures out that the company which claims to be selling unpolluted food much be lying because there isn't nearly enough land to grow the amount they sell.

How much capacity analysis have you seen anywhere?