November 7th, 2007

Back on line

I have broadband again, and hope to have my landline back in a day or two. This is a discussion of no-joke zones in airports--why humor is important, and a number of good jokes from bad times. Link thanks to dglenn.

Successful cooking experiment: Tuna and cabbage stirfry with mild curry, carraway seeds, and a little hot pepper oil. Curry and carraway seeds is good enough to be worth repeating.

Two bets about the writers strike--actors who can improvise will be considerably more valuable, and if the strike goes on long enough, some strikers might get around to writing novels that otherwise wouldn't have happened.

Does exposure to torture do any good?

In SERE, soldiers are, among more obviously useful lessons, moderately tortured. One side effect has been the argument that if it's done to US soldiers by their own side, it can't be so bad that it should be outlawed.

I haven't seen anyone say that exposure to torture techniques in the Resistance and Escape section of the curriculum helped them when they'd been captured, and I'm wondering if it's of any use.