January 5th, 2008

Greatest journal ending, many cat macros posted


I wasn't on greatest journal and I'm not reading 20 pages of comments, but there are some brilliant macros in the comments. There are a page or three with nothing but FAIL macros, which gets a little dull (excuse me, I forgot when I was living--THEY FAIL!!!1!), but then we get back to a variety of moods.

Is insane journal getting to be the default diaspora for lj? I've been putting off looking for somewhere to get away from the scary Russians because it seemed like there were too many possibilities, but the postings on my friendslist have been looking a little sparse.

On NPR this morning, there was an interview with the author of The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World, and it was mentioned that Russia and anyplace that has to do with Russia (not sure if the US counts) are inexplicably unhappy.

Link + clue about the cat macros thanks to liz_marcs.

On not apologizing for geek interests

I don't-- people don't apologize for being interested in football, so why should I apologize for knowing a fair amount about golden age science fiction?

Addendum: It seems to me that I frequently hear people apologizing for geek interests, even in geekish environments. They use phrases like "I should get a life" or "too much free time". I'll post the next one I hear.

Told you so: Note the subject line. Unfortunately, I didn't check the time for the addendum, but I don't think it's been much over an hour.