January 25th, 2008

High-grade ore

Things learned by watching anime

People will love you for who you are ... as long as you're secretly a super-hero.

The human body can contain 7 or more gallons of blood at up to 300 p.s.i.

Wars suck, but fight well and come back alive, because you can't drink good tea when you're dead.

Lack of communication leads to 90% of all problems. (the other causes being 5% magic & 5% giant robots)

Despite what we often hear, Americans are not overly concerned with outward appearances. In fact, we're rank amateurs.

If it can be translated, what does "omae wa mo shinderu" mean?

Link thanks to Overcoming Bias, which has been running a series of quotes about rationality.

Bon bons

What would you say bon bons are? Have you ever seen anything presented as a bon bon? I haven't until the subject came up this past weekend.

I'd vaguely assumed they're some sort of meringue, probably because I couldn't imagine eating something richer all day, but apparently that's one of the few confections that someone, somewhere, doesn't consider to be a bon bon.

Addendum: It looks as though bonbons are a remarkably ill-defined candy. Does anyone have access to an OED? I'd like to see how close it gets.

Wrong Georgia, I guess

Thomas Warziniack was born in Minnesota and grew up in Georgia, but immigration authorities pronounced him an illegal immigrant from Russia.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has held Warziniack for weeks in an Arizona detention facility with the aim of deporting him to a country he's never seen. His jailers shrugged off Warziniack's claims that he was an American citizen, even though they could have retrieved his Minnesota birth certificate in minutes and even though a Colorado court had concluded that he was a U.S. citizen a year before it shipped him to Arizona.

or, why I use civil liberties as a political litmus test. And I need to come up with a handy convincing argument for why the US government should include everyone as having basic rights, not just citizens.

"First they came for the foreigners, and then they came for the citizens because they couldn't be bothered to tell the difference."

If I ran the world, anyone who's capable of saying "We don't make mistakes" and meaning it would be disqualified from any position of trust. Permanently.

Ok, the subject line is a little off, but it was just too tempting.

Link thanks to theweaselking.