January 28th, 2008

Opposition to the war on drugs, for decades......

There's been progress, but it's very slow.

Back in the 70s, when I said I was against the war on drugs, people laughed at me.

A decade or so later, people got angry. I believe that's progress -- they were then seeing the end of the war on drugs as a possibility rather than an absurdity.

Twenty-five years later, Ron Paul is a candidate, of sorts, for President. People are disgusted with a number of his views, but I haven't seen his opposition to the war on drugs showing up on the lists of what they hate or find bizarre about him.

What's weird about this is that we aren't talking about something deep in the culture. We got by without drug laws for something like a century and a half, and I don't get the impression there was a long period of people wanting those laws before they happened.

I wouldn't be surprised if gay marriage is made legal much faster (using some vague measure for when it became a public issue) much faster than the war on drugs is ended. Presumably, this is a side effect of there not being huge amounts of money in enforcing the laws against gay marriage.