August 26th, 2008

Prediction about Russia

It will have less territory in a decade.

Maybe I'm just peeved about the whole Georgia thing, but I think they'll overreach themselves in a situation where unity is pretty fragile. And they're right next to a country with a larger population and just as many hurt feelings about not being taken seriously.

The politics of pissed-off-ness

So far, I see fundamentalists who are not going to be volunteering for the Republicans because they're put in a lot of work and gotten little back for it and/or are unhappy with the state of the nation, moderate Republicans who think their party has been taken away from them, Hilary supporters who think she was entitled to the nomination, and progressives who think Obama is way too far to the right.

Some will vote for the candidate who's vaguely on their side, but withhold volunteer work and/or money. Some will stay home or vote for third party candidates. A few (I don't think it will be more than that, but I've been wrong before) will vote for the other side. Well, actually, as an Obama supporter, I'm hoping for a lot of those moderate Republicans, but I don't know what to expect.

I'm vividly aware that this is a very important election, but this is mostly striking me as funny. It sounds like an Illuminatus game. And what's funnier is that all my life, I've heard complaints about Americans ignoring politics.... and now that we've got an election that people feel strongly about-- a lot of them are going to be less politically active as a result.