August 31st, 2008

On the treatment of ugly women

The other day, I did a post which which touched on the subject. More came up in the comments.

I don't understand why there are some men (I think they're a smallish minority but haven't heard of any research) who feel a very strong drive to insult women who don't meet their visual standards. I don't just mean I don't personally get that desire for cruelty, I mean that I don't understand what purpose it could possibly serve. If we're going to get all evolutionary about it (a likely source of sloppiness, but tempting if you've got a mind on the hamster wheel), why aren't those men focusing the women they want rather than the women they don't want?

Maybe it's a very low-cost means of status-seeking, with the status-seeking divorced from any practical goal.

By the way, I think women can obsess about the unattractiveness of unattractive men, but those men have to make a pass first rather than just being visible.

NonObligatorySF: Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis, which is the only novel I can think of which makes that point that ugly women are treated like shit for no particular reason.

Beware of blonde

I've seen people assuming Palin is stupid, and of course, people who don't seem to care whether she's got a mind or not.

There are a lot of women who are win beauty contests or are pretty enough to do so. Very few of them have public careers, whether in entertainment or otherwise. Marilyn Monroe and Dolly Parton have said sharp things. Even if she got an advantage from her looks (and that's rather an ambiguous thing, especially if she isn't in entertainment), she's at least well above average on social skills and ambition.

None of this means she'd necessarily be a good choice for president, but I don't think she's a non-entity in this story.

Here's an interesting angle-- McCain likes her, not just because she's a beauty queen (though he seems to have a taste for them) but also because she's a fellow reform politician.

Police harassment of non-violent protest groups-- before the protest
What bothers me started with news coverage of the Democratic Convention. Feature stories about people sleeping in, “the Freedom Cage.” That nomenclature was appalling. When I found out that was a sardonic renaming by those making use of it I wasn’t much happier, because the idea of a “free speech zone” is anathema to me.

I am an american citizen. In the boundaries of the United States there is no public place where I cannot speak my mind on matters political.

The D's made protest unfeasible....The R's went farther.