November 13th, 2008

Goldendoodle hell

Remember BLT?

BLT (Black Leather Times) was an entertaining zine that was sold at, IIRC, Balticon or Disclave.


I think one thing that really stands out in the photos you put on the sites is the sense of humor. None of the models seem to be taking themselves too seriously, and some of the more absurd aspects of Goth culture seem to be played up to humorous effect. The aesthetic on the site is very…sunny. To the untrained eye, that seems like a strange tone for a Goth site!

Well, my first post-university zine was a humor zine, albeit an antisocial punk rock humor one. I enjoy both flamboyance and a dark aesthetic, but with a sunny soul. I mean, Blue Blood company policy allows any of us to call in gothic, so I'm not saying I'm perky every day, but I think the goal should be individualized self-actualization, and not more bad days. If someone is, for real, trying to be depressing to themselves and evil to others, then I don't feel cool hair or great tits make up for that. Blue Blood is about living loudly and well, not living darkly.

This reminded me of the little bunch of goths that hung out on Main Street in Newark, Delaware. They generally looked happier than most people.

Link thanks to dglenn, who referenced this:
In DC, it turned out that being able to decorate one leather jacket with paint and rivets and being able to tell one great fantasy of an alternate life to a fuckable chick does not equal wanting an actual platform for success or recognition of any kind. I found that quite a number of my amazing and talented compatriots wanted to be able to fantasize about how cool it would be if they started a band, wrote a novel, opened a dungeon, ran a nightclub, got a short story published, deejayed a big party, designed clothing, became an international sex symbol, etc. Although I will engage in conversations about wouldn't it be cool if, I have a tendency to then go forth into the world to make it so. I think I'm wired that way naturally and my upbringing only hammered that into me more. I was both shocked and deeply hurt when I found that a lot of the DC scenesters I counted as friends were angry at someone giving them a chance. They wanted to be able to get credit for their brilliance without having to actually come through with, ya know, work. It had never occurred to me that there were people who did not want opportunity to come knocking.

New userpic!

Image thanks to e_apraksina, a Russian-language images lj-- mostly excellent animal and landscape pictures, but it also has video of accidents and occasional fits of being NSFW.

Addendum:I'm not sure how much I'll use this one. I love the warm yellow, but for some reason the ladybug looks nice and red in the original but muddy in the userpic.

Addendum the second: I wanted to try out the ladybug as a new default, but I also want to keep the solar necklaces on my old posts. Is there any way to do this?