November 19th, 2008

Making the snark more original by misunderstanding it......

Torture in American prisons

From BBC4
All the lawyers I spoke to during our investigations shared Carlson’s belief that Abu Ghraib, far from being the work of a few rogue individuals, was simply the export of the worst practices that take place in the domestic prison system all the time. They pointed to the mountain of files stacked on their desks, on the floor, in their office corridors – endless stories of appalling, sadistic treatment inside America’s own prisons.

Many of the tapes we’ve collected are several years old. That’s because they only surface when determined lawyers prise them out of reluctant state prison departments during protracted lawsuits.

The link has a video and a transcript.

I've been saying for a while that the American attitude towards prisoners-- that they deserve whatever is done to them-- led directly to Abu Graib.

Link thanks to The Art of the Possible.