December 2nd, 2008


Ten energy myths, and a little argument with some of them

The idea of using solar to heat liquid to drive turbines makes me happy. It seems so much easier than drastic advances in material science.

Afaik, French nuclear power is the gold standard. Discussions of the cost of nuclear power should start there, not with some Cheops Law (everything takes longer and costs more) plant in Scandinavia.

Anyone have numbers about the efficiency of organic agriculture? I thought the big cost was added labor rather than more land, but this is only an impression.

Biochar (making agricultural waste into charcoal, and burying it) sounds really interesting.

Link thanks to andrewducker, who reads digg so I don't have to.

Making the cat useful

Gillian has a habit of pressing on the spacebar if I hold her while I'm sitting at the computer. It takes just a little care to have her to page down for me. And then I tell her what a wonderful cat she it.

Mental hygiene and the economic crisis

Both my therapist and my life coach strongly recommend not paying attention to the financial news. This is obviously not a completely awful idea-- there isn't much I can do to protect myself.

Still, I wonder about more sophisticated strategies. Do any of you need to pay attention to the financial news and are getting professional psychological advice on how to maintain your focus and happiness? If so, what's the advice? If you're dealing with the markets without professional psychological help, are you doing anything in particular to hold your head together?