February 2nd, 2009


Sky scarf

How to make a sky scarf

Gather 10 balls of yarn of the shades of the sky in the daytime (blue, gray, white). Each day, knit two rows of the color which is closest to the average color of the sky. Repeat for a year.

That's a summary-- there's some more detail on the web site, but the text isn't cut and pastable.

You could get a fancier scarf by choosing colors at sunrise or sunset.

Link thanks to shadesong.

LJ: Can I get my blue stripe back?

Until recently, there was a narrow blue stripe at the top of my posting screen. If I put my cursor on it, there was a handy set of html tags that I could put into my post. It was fast, and it prevented html typos. I was very fond of it, even though I couldn't find a way to add a blockquote tag.

Now it's gone, and there's a richtext option which is very slow and clunky.