May 31st, 2009

green leaves

Getting from knowledge to action
Ramachandran's mirror technique is medical school stuff. Everyone knows it. Everyone. If you don't know it children on the street kick you in the shins. If you were in a coma during medical school then you still would have picked it up from a trillion other places, from Scientific American to Discover to Time Magazine.

Of course I knew the significance of the mirror. Of course I knew how to do it. I just never did. It never even occurred to me to do it.

The mirror occurred to me; doing it never occurred to me. I'll tell you that every single time I saw her stump, the theoretical implications of Ramachnadran's mirror immediately came to my mind, I imagined the mirror. But I never tried it.

Not just me, but it also never occurred to the ten years of doctors she'd seen in her life. Absolutely every single doctor knows about the mirror. Not one tried it.

Any thoughts on remembering that you might, just possibly, do something?