March 29th, 2010

green leaves

More evidence that fat isn't bad for you.....

It might well be that animal fat isn't bad for people, and LDL is too crude a measure-- particle size matters.

And the dangerous thing is refined carbs.

I don't know where this leaves the Mediterranean diet, which has a lot of refined carbs.

I tend to think that eating foods which actually leave you feeling good is a safe path-- this isn't just the foods that taste good (though they well may) or the foods you feel compelled to eat (another maybe). It's what makes you feel content for hours afterwards. Some people need to consider a longer time span-- they have allergies which take a day or two to hit.
Will this new research on fat and carbs will be reflected in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines? According to Meir Stampfer, a Harvard professor of nutrition and epidemiology who worked on the 2000 guidelines, scientists on this year's committee know perfectly well what the evidence says. But few researchers want to shake the status quo or risk confusing the public. Robert Post, deputy director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, admits that when it comes to nutritional recommendations, "simple messages, few messages, targeted messages, are very important." Ultimately, then, policymakers have to choose between keeping the message consistent and actually getting it right.

Guys, the point was to keep people healthy, not to get them to obey you.

Link thanks to The Agitator.