July 12th, 2010

green leaves

The Status Dance, Etc.

By ursulav:

But god help me, the stamping aisle of the craft store still fills me with intense shame. I worry someone will think I’m a scrapbooker. I fight an intense urge to grab passers-by and yell “No! It’s ok! I’m a REAL ARTIST!” which is probably not true and certainly horribly judgmental and anyway, it’s not like we have ID cards with our height, weight, favorite media, and yearly income from art printed on them to prove it (and all that would prove is that we are commercially viable, not that it’s any good, and god knows, Martha Stewart’s net worth makes my operation look like a lemonade stand with the “E”s written backwards, so that’s no proof anyway.)

If you read the rest of the article and the comments, you will find munch about fear of being thought The Wrong Kind of Person, Horse Lube and its various uses, clean-up cats, and random rants and riffs, one of which is below.

From laughing

On the other hand, after the latest StarTrek(tm) movie came out she and her husband concocted a short "article" about how Torchwood had found, by accident, an amazing property of Black Welsh Mountain sheep wool (her sheep are BWM) of being unusually resistant to laser fire - far more than is reasonable, and they believed this was because the breed may have been developed for use as protection from dragon fire, dragons being common at one time in Wales. This property is what impelled Spock's mother to knit him a sweater of this wool. Being Terran and probably a Torchwood operative she got some of the wool, which is spun with steel and nearly impervious to all sorts of things. Yes, there is a yarn that's made with stainless steel filament. Weird stuff, kinda cool.