April 8th, 2011

green leaves

Objects of desire

In general, I'm not interested in media tsotskes [1], but when I saw these hello watchmen dolls, my first reaction was, "Are these really for sale? Want!".

Tragically, they are not, but there will eventually be a coffee table book of 101 hello kitties by a photographer-- a photographer who I suspect is unusually good at subliminal basilisks.

[1] That's a guesswork spelling of a yiddish word from my childhood. Chotchkies? To my mind, some of those words don't really have English spellings. They exist in a different range [2] Anyway, it means knickknacks.

[2] See also koppinchinik, which is a word meaning a child making a loud noise. I believe the derivation has to do with hitting a china teapot.

ETA: chomiji said A metal teakettle or pot, actually, which would make a sound rather like an old-style fire bell when struck with a metal spoon.

A "chainik," diminutive of "chai" (tea), was an essential accessory for all households, including those unlikely to have a fancy, breakable china one.

This makes a lot more sense.

Link thanks to rysmiel.

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green leaves

A couple of euphemisms from my childhood

When I was a kid, I'd sometimes hear a person described as "full of soup" as though it was a bad thing, and I couldn't figure it out because what could be bad about being full of soup.

Much later, I deduced that it was a euphemism for "full of shit", though I think the tone was milder than it would be for the original phrase.

There was also mention of an "effing knife" in a Max Shulman novel (a satirist from generations ago, pretty much forgotten, I think). I thought it was some technical sort of a knife, but eventually, it occurred me that it was another euphemism.

The modern taste for actually using curse words has removed a cause for minor ingenuity.

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